Information About Raspberry Ketone

It is very noticeable that people nowadays can easily get sick. Because of the different pollutants around us, our bodies can easily decline, especially if you’re also very stressed at many things. Many individuals are now trying to switch to natural alternatives that are usually found in supplements. Raspberries are one of nature’s amazing products. It contains 200 molecules that add to its discrete flavour, and one of these flavours found is the raspberry ketones. Recently it brought in public attention for its benefits, which was for the weight loss. It has essential nutrients such us vitamins A, C and E and beta-carotene. Raspberry ketones have many uses including cosmetics, perfumery, and food additive which impart a fruity flavour.

Information About Raspberry Ketone

According to study, raspberry ketone has many great benefits and this may include the following:

  • It helps in preventing weight gain.
  • It could help combat sign of aging by applying it directly to the skin and improve hair growth.
  • It also speeds up the processing of fat which help progress liver function.
  • Scientific studies shows that raspberry ketone helps regulate adiponectin; a hormone that regulate glucose levels and breakdown of fatty acids.
  • It is known to have anti-cancer benefits.
  • It is known to have the ability to reduce free radicals in an individual’s body.
  • It contains natural salicylic acid, which means that it has the ability to ease aches, pains and reduce fever.
  • It also helps fight heart disease and atherosclerosis.
  • Study shows that there is evidence that it can make you feel more active because of its fiber content.
  • It prevents you to crave for more food because of its spike in blood sugar.

Generally, there are no side effects in taking raspberry ketone. However, if you have a history of allergies of raspberry, allergy will definitely occur. It is highly recommended that you have to consult your health specialist before taking this product since it is herbal. It is also advised to read its content and ingredients or any precautions that comes with the item before using it.

It is noted and some claimed that using this product may cause you to experience heart palpitation, especially if you have thyroid problems. You may also experience warm sensations, nausea, nervousness and some burning in your throat. That’s why you have to consult your doctor about any product that you will take. You should take necessary preventive measures before taking any food supplements or products if you do not have much information about it.

Garcinia Cambogia: A Review

There are a lot of weight loss products that you can choose from and from time to time, you will notice new supplements in the market. Because of their convincing ads about how effective it can be to one’s body, people would dive in and will not hesitate to try it, and would often think that they are safe because they are naturally made. What do we know about Garcinia Cambogia? It is now becoming a popular weight loss supplement in the market today. It is actually native to South East Asia and it has been taken from the Malabar tamarind plant. To know more about the product, here are relevant details that you should know:

Garcinia Cambogia: A Review
  • It might be the most thrilling breakthrough in natural weight loss.
  • The extract of Garcinia Cambogia with hydroxycitric acid (HCA) was publicized as a “revolutionary fat buster,” after it was presented on the Dr. Oz show.
  • Users of this product are not usually checking if taking the supplement can be medically safe for their body.
  • Some of the supplements that are made of Garcinia Cambogia are not free from binders and fillers.
  • Not all of the companies that are selling the supplement made clear declaration on the prices as well as the shipping policies.
  • There are supplements out there that do not contain pure Garcinia Cambogia. Some may contain caffeine that could have bad side effects to one’s body.
  • The consumer should choose the product that contains 60% HCA and if it’s not listed, it should not be taken or must be avoided.
  • You should know that the serving dosage should at least be 800 mg, the daily recommended dose that is to be taken 30-60 minutes before your 3 main meals.
  • An authentic Garcinia Cambogia supplement is free from fillers or binders and ingredients that are artificial. If they are not indicated, you should not buy it. It’s okay if it has Potassium, Calcium and Chromium.
  • If the product is made in a certified laboratory and not from any cheaper location that doesn’t have strict requirements for production, you can buy it.
  • The supplement is usually taken three times a day, with meals, about 500 – 1000 mg. There can be minor side effects such as stomach pain if you take more than 3000 mg of Garcinia Cambogia within 24 hours.
Garcinia Cambogia: A Review

It is still best to talk to your healthcare provider about taking any types of weight loss supplement because they might have bad reactions to your body. And reading more reviews from different resources can also help and guide you if the supplement can be right and safe for you.

Health Benefits Of Green Coffee Beans Extract

Almost all people start their day by having a cup of coffee every morning. Many of us do not really know about the benefits or side effects in having coffee in our daily activities. All we know is that it will give us energy and awaken our body. Coffee is one of the most generally consumed beverages around the globe. This coffee that everyone drinks comes from green coffee beans that contain many compounds as well as great health benefits.

Health Benefits Of Green Coffee Beans Extract

It is thought to believe that extract from green coffee beans have benefits to health, especially for heart disease, weight loss, diabetes and others. These beans are not roasted because roasting it will eliminate the chlorogenic acid and its chemical structure and rigorously impact the amount of chlorogenic acid existing in the product.

There are treatments that can be related to using of the green coffee beans extract such as weight loss, high blood pressure, hypertension, obesity, and isolated systolic hypertension. However, it is important to know and understand that green coffee beans contain caffeine, similar to regular coffee. Therefore, it can cause caffeine-related problems and side effects too. Below are precautions and warnings when taking this product because of its caffeine content:

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Diarrhea and stomach upset.
  • Anxiety disorder and insomnia.
  • Diabetes.
  • Bleeding disorder, nausea and vomiting.
  • Glaucoma.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Thinning of bones (osteoporosis).
  • High blood pressure, increased heart and breathing rate.
  • Nervousness and restlessness.
Health Benefits Of Green Coffee Beans Extract

Consuming large amount of any health product may result into some unhealthy effects and may worsen your health problems. It is highly recommended that you should never take dosage beyond what is prescribed by your health specialist or suggested dosage in the product’s label. The bottom line is, buy a reputable health product which is approved by the food and drug association and avoid brands with lots of artificial and fillers in its ingredients. Also, you need to read its precautions and warnings.

How Yacon Syrup Works

A lot of people nowadays want to take food supplements that can help boost their body and well-being because of their busy lives. Many will take these supplements because they are thought to believe that it will give them health benefits. In fact, many pills, powders and other food supplement products actually offer lots of benefits to our body in an easy way. We all know that these products being introduced may or may not be as effective as what they promised. However, these products are being studied and tested in many respondents which show good results. One of these is the yacon syrup. Yacon syrup is derived from yacon plant, which is basically found in Andes Mountain. It has sweet taste similar to prunes or raisins.


Taking yacon syrup may give you the following benefits that you can take note such as:

  • Acting as prebiotic,this helps in regulating the bacteria in the intestines. Study shows that the type of bacteria in the intestines can greatly impact the digestions and absorptions of foods that can lead to lose of weight.
  • Research shows that it speeds up metabolism and interestingly lowers the hunger hormone which controls the eating habit; it then moderates your insulin and food craving.
  • It is excellent for appetite suppressant wherein you need to eat less, but in a healthy way.
  • It is used as alternative for sugar in sweeting your coffee or tea. Therefore, you will be consuming less sugar.
  • It is rich in fiber; therefore, it is good for chronic constipation.
How Yacon Syrup Works

Yacon syrup can be consumed in different ways for there are varieties and forms of yacon product. Below is information that you will want to know:

  • Yacon syrup can be used as sweetener for tea or coffee.
  • It can be consumed purely during meal time as it is commonly done.
  • Some yacon may be in the form of powder, dried chips, pills and even the vegetable root itself.

Yacon product has lots of forms so it is up to the consumer as to what type of product they’ll prefer, but the common is the yacon syrup and its dosage is 1 teaspoon before meal.